e-learning about laboratory procedures

standard procedures for different laboratories

In the Shire (Baxter) laboratories, employees are required to carry out various complex procedures. It is important that they carry out these procedures correctly and that these can be repeated down to the smallest detail.

So, Shire (Baxter) decided to look for a solution that would train their employees to carry out precisely the same laboratory procedures in different laboratories.

learning to test and retest in the laboratory

As an answer to this question, Neo developed modules for eleven different laboratory procedures. In interactive videos, a step-by-step approach delivers the required knowledge to its users.

At the start of each interactive video, users are given information about the requirements for the experiment. The mandatory safety measures are also discussed, as are the procedures that need to be performed before starting. Users then follow the entire procedure step-by-step, guided by a video of the complete experiment.

During crucial moments in the procedure, they are given questions that invite active collaboration in carrying out the experiment. At the end, each user has the required knowledge to start working in the laboratory. 

“The e-learning modules will provide an amazing platform of continuous learning on key principles of the GGIV 10% product testing.”

Sandra Matias, Covington Site Lead

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