EDF Luminus chooses scenario-based e-learning

applying the ethical code

EDF Luminus wanted an e-learning to put their ethical code in the spotlight. A code of ethics at work and beyond is crucial for the integrity of the organization and its employees.

Therefore, employees need to be well aware of the ethical code and its impact on topics like fraud, nepotism, competition law, etc.

learning through scenarios

For EDF Luminus, we developed a story with extensive branching, based on realistic and recognizable work situations.

What do you do when a supplier offers you a gift? Do you just pass on client information to colleagues? And how do you react when EDF Luminus is mentioned in negative posts on social media?

In the e-learning, users have to spot risky situations, and apply the code of ethics. When their assessment is incorrect, their barometer drops. The corresponding theoretical information is seamlessly integrated into the scenarios and the intrinsic feedback.

With our interactive, custom training, users take on an active and responsible role in the e-learning. Because they feel involved, the e-learning makes a lasting impression that effectively conveys the message.

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