safer airside operations with Totara LMS

Safety is Brussels Airport Company’s number one priority. Training, testing and certifying employees with safety critical functions is crucial. Neo developed a flexible LMS for Brussels Airport Company, that lightens the load of administrative tasks and streamlines the certification process.

training external partners

Brussels Airport is responsible for the exploitation of the airport in Zaventem. An immense task: from guaranteeing the safe travels of thousands of passengers every day, to managing the airport infrastructure, and providing training for external stakeholders.

Brussels Airport has its own Compliance & Certification Unit, responsible for the development and improvement of an aviation safety management system. This Unit offers classroom training, e-learning and practical training in an Airside Driver Simulator.

To adequately manage training and certification for external trainees, Brussels Airport required a user-friendly LMS.

the LMS delegates tasks

Neo created a straightforward solution that allows Brussels Airport to manage the entire certification process all in one place. Offering various training programs and registering people for courses becomes child’s play.

With the LMS, Neo distributed a large part of the administrative tasks to lower levels. For every external company, Brussels Airport Company appoints two people responsible for the follow-up of certification in their organization. These managers can add new users, check their progress or alert them if they need to renew their certification. Of course, they only have access to the status of their own employees.

“Neo developed a user-friendly and efficient Totara LMS that meets our requirements in the best way possible. It’s safe to say that Totara makes our job much easier and at the same time contributes to safer airside operations.”

Nele De Greef, Performance & Training Manager Brussels Airport Company

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