information security starts with you

safely dealing with company info

Did you know that end users are the weakest link when it comes to protecting company data? Research has proven that most people are unaware of the dangers of cybercrime. Organizations also underestimate the risks.

To prevent sensitive company info from falling into the wrong hands, installing antivirus software doesn’t suffice any longer. Raising awareness among employees proves to be crucial in the fight against cybercriminals.

how safe is your organization?

Is your company’s data secure? Are employees sufficiently aware of the potential risks? We offer this completely responsiv e-learning course through licenses. It is easy to consult on all screens.

playing scenarios and avoiding hackers

In collaboration with EY, we developed an intuitive course in which users have to protect the data of their fictitious employer from hackers.

The course contains five recognizable cases that allow users to quickly relate to the topic. Gaming elements like a barometer and a video briefing make the course extra motivating.

Users decide if they want to consult the accompanying theory. This information layer contains useful tips to guide them through the cases in one piece.

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