improve your skills on the spot

Are you looking for a way to help your employees master important procedures? To hone their knowledge and skills? Or, to familiarize everyone with a new code of conduct in your organisation? Neo developed a mobile solution that helps users to get started on the spot.

put your training into practice

In every organisation, employees regularly follow training, ranging from onboarding and acquiring new skills, to refreshing important procedures or getting familiar with the code of conduct. However, learners often have a hard time putting this information into practice.

Using iBeacons technology, Neo brings training directly to the work floor. Users walk around in their own work environment. When they are close to a hotspot, they receive important information and useful hints through an intuitive app. At the same time, the app tests whether users have mastered the necessary skills. That way, users learn by doing.

a challenge for users

To present the solution to a broader audience, Neo developed the mobile app ‘Slot’ for the VOV convention. ‘Slot’ takes users to the year 1228 when King Morgan’s terror is at its peak.

In the app, users take up the challenge to knock Morgan of his throne. During the quest, iBeacons at different locations activate various challenges. Users have to find the locations and complete the assignments by:

  • testing their knowledge and skills in challenging missions;
  • using the correct procedures in varying situations;
  • demonstrating that they respect the unwritten code of conduct of the empire.

To do this, users rely on information they find in the app as well as on information available in their immediate surroundings. This way, they learn to overcome specific challenges on the spot. At the end of the convention, the challenger who knocked Morgan of the throne fastest, won a special prize.

Want to know how this solution could transform training in your organisation? Feel free to contact us.

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