buddy training for BASF

training buddies

BASF asked us to transform their buddy program training into an e-learning course.

Buddies are BASF employees who are responsible for welcoming newcomers. Buddies were trained, but often only weeks or months after the newcomers had started working. The training was also a one-time thing, and did not include a follow-up.

Through the e-learning, BASF wanted to train its employees exactly when they needed it, allowing them to be aware of their tasks and responsibilities and giving the newcomers a warm and proper welcome.

learning through realistic scenarios

For this e-learning, we created one comprehensive narrative in which different scenarios take place. Two characters play the main parts: a buddy and a new employee.

The user plays the part of the buddy. During six months, he follows the newcomer and familiarizes him with the company. During that time, a number of realistic key moments occur. The buddy has to take certain actions, react accordingly and interact with the newcomer. Depending on the choices he makes, the story unfolds differently.

We incorporated three different learning trajectories into the course: for new employees, for rotation in BASF, and for interns.

The e-learning also provides a useful reference guide for existing buddies who need to look up specific information.

BASF will distribute the course through LMS, implemented by Neo.

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