revealing big data for Proximus

the secrets of big data

Big Data is becoming increasingly important at Proximus. The term is used often, but not always appropriately. That’s why Proximus was looking for a way to inform employees on the complex world of big data.

video learning and a useful reference guide

Neo developed ten animated videos that clarify the different aspects of big data in a cheerful way.

At the end of each video, users answer a content question to test their knowledge on the subject. We integrated all the videos in a dynamic dashboard, designed as an infographic. That way, the dashboard serves as a navigation pane and a summary.

The second part of this project entailed an extended training that takes a deeper dive into big data. Through screen text, exercises and animations in Proximus design, users explore big data topics like safety, privacy and the cloud at their own pace. Afterwards, they can use the course as a useful reference guide.

"Neo’s demos proved decisive for us. They quickly got to the essence of the issue, right from the very first meeting, which was very convincing for me."

Denis Dorbolo, Learning Technology Specialist at the Proximus Corporate University (PCU)

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