exploring a virtual escape room

You have to admit that it can be challenging sometimes: explaining important safety procedures to your employees in a compelling way. Or, keeping your employees’ attention during consecutive knowledge and skills training courses. That’s where Neo comes in! We developed an escape room that challenges users to develop and practice essential skills in a playful environment.

from plain content to an immersive game

If you frequently organize learning activities, you know it’s a daunting task: motivating employees to continuously train their knowledge and skills. Sometimes you must convince them of the importance of training, in other cases the challenge is to present the content in a compelling and intriguing way.

At Neo, we gladly accept this challenge. That‘s why we developed a virtual escape room that transforms content into a fascinating game. In this serious game, users have to complete an important mission that also contains several short training courses. When users have solved the game’s mystery, they will have acquired valuable skills and new competences that they can apply at work every day. Clear reporting allows you to keep close track of your users’ progress.

acquiring skills through gaming

Neo’s escape room takes you to a remote place in the Scottish Highlands, to Robert Sinclair’s castle that has withstood the elements for centuries. Lord Sinclair went missing a couple of days ago. His daughter Isabelle – hoping to find her father again –  has decided to engage a renowned detective agency.

Users are instructed to search for the lord as a real detective. During their virtual search they come across various challenges that they have to conclude successfully if they want to unravel the mystery. Each assignment is a short module that users complete by:

  • gathering and applying new knowledge;
  • demonstrating different skills in various circumstances;
  • applying important procedures correctly in several situations.

Each completed assignment brings them one step closer to the Scottish lord and to their learning objectives. When users complete the quest, they have acquired new knowledge and skills to perform their daily tasks more easily and more efficiently.

an escape room?

In an escape room - a type of serious game – users are challenged to complete a mission by successfully finishing several small assignments. During these brief training courses, users develop much needed knowledge and skills, and acquire new insights. Because of the intense user experience, players will absorb the information better.

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