a tailored LMS for Amfori

training a worldwide network

Amfori represents the interests of international retailers, brands and importers. In return, Amfori asks its members to follow certain rules when performing their activities. Through training, members can show that they comply to the standards Amfori has set.

The 1500 associated organizations represent a culturally diverse audience. How do you organize training for a group that large? Amfori looked for a system that allows them to build a learning network, and assign and follow up training.

a LMS with extensive functionalities

To make this challenging project happen, Neo is constructing an Learning Management System (LMS) for Amfori. We are using existing Totara functionalities, and are developing extra features tailored to Amfori’s needs.

Members get responsibilities too in this system: they can assign training to their own employees and to suppliers. That way, responsibilities are cascaded and the entire supply chain gets informed on ethical and sustainable trade.

We visualize the status of trainings in a clear overview screen. That’s how Amfori and its members can assign the right training to the right people.

When users complete a training, the certificate is individually dependent. When users leave the organization, they take the certificate with them.

“Neo was able to offer us not only a technological solution but importantly they also understood our values, mission, goals and provided real business solutions. They took the time to understand what our real needs were, analyzed them and challenged us. They weren’t there to just sell something that already existed, but to deliver something that met our core needs and higher goals. 

Neo understood the importance of a user-friendly platform as we have many different users and each and every one of them has to be able to use the system effectively, to deliver our mission.”

Andrew Martin, Senior Manager Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

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