Keep safety and compliance training top of mind corona times

The corona pandemic has a devastating impact on our working environment. Some employees don’t need to be present at the office and stay at home safely for teleworking. Others don’t have that option, and go to work because physical presence is at the heart of their job.  

Either way, your employees are entitled to a safe workplace, and should be provided with information about possible risks. The importance of safety and compliance regulations was already great before COVID-19, and has now become only more crucial.

Training employees remains a top priority and you can’t (continue to) postpone it. Learning & Development teams are therefore faced with a challenge: organizing training programs that achieve their goals while respecting the applicable safety measures.

Neo Learning gives you a little boost with the following tips to successfully tackle the (future) learning challenges of your organization.

Evaluate your current learning offer

If your training programs consist largely of classroom training, then it's time to look for alternatives. The go-to solution these days is of course a digital, or at least a blended approach.

Use this forced shift as an opportunity to take a close look at your organization's learning offerings. What knowledge and skills do you physically transfer, and what lends itself perfectly to videos, interactive webinars or e-learning?

Through this exercise you, as a Learning & Development team, sharpen up the focus on learning needs and learning objectives. As a result, you dust off your old, ingrained training habits and put them in a new, digital jacket.

Insert variation in your learning activities

When you go for digital learning solutions, make sure you create enough variety and interaction in your offer. Ever heard of microlearning? These are contemporary learning solutions that achieve their goal quickly and efficiently. They combine different media (text, visuals, audio, video) for the best learning result.

For example, use videos to explain certain actions or procedures. It is the ideal way to convey information in an accessible way.

You can of course still test your employees, with a digital quiz or with questions that you process in an e-learning. For certain topics, a scenario-based approach is an absolute added value.

However, some activities you must also verify physically. Consider, for example, correctly connecting equipment or following certain safety procedures. Fortunately, this can still be organized while respecting the applicable corona measures.

Furthermore, permanent evaluation in the workplace remains essential to continuously monitor compliance with regulations.

Call on coaches

Have your employees been trained in the applicable safety and compliance guidelines? Consider a coach or mentor. These are employees who are present on the work floor anyway and set the right example. They also answer questions and dare to approach colleagues when they make a mistake. In this way you create a culture of safety that is supported by all employees.

Need any help?

Do you want to thoroughly reform your learning offer to a digital or blended program? Are you looking for a partner who can develop e-learning, videos or microlearning processes together with you? Count on Neo Learning! Contact us for an informal, inspiring conversation.

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