app development and mobile learning

In close collaboration with our joint venture IntoApps, we develop innovative applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. We also offer mobile services as an integrated solution. HTML5 and native apps have no secrets for us.

Our mobile solutions are part of a bigger picture, and always offer their own added value. The app fits into a larger mobile strategy, or has one specific goal (like a survey).

With apps, we are bringing mobile learning into practice. It allows us to easily distribute targeted information. The user has access to an intense learning experience on- or offline, at work, at home or on the road, on all devices.

Neo develops engaging mobile learning experiences, available on all devices. Our mobile solutions are part of a bigger picture, and always offers their own added value.

We are making learning accessible and flexible, always and everywhere. Users obtain knowledge easily through their smartphone or tablet, at the office as well as on the road. Learning activities are available both on- and offline.

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