How GDPR compliant is your company? It’s been a while since these revised privacy regulations were implemented. Still, it’s important for you and your colleagues to keep adhering to these rules, and not everyone will remember every detail.

Give your colleagues an in-depth training to brush up their knowledge and prevent the risk of:

  • Employees becoming careless
  • Sky-high GDPR fines
  • Reputational damage

5 reasons to go for our GDPR e-learning

✔ Realistic GDPR situations

We’ll let your colleagues step into five realistic GDPR scenarios. As employees of the fictional service company AllCorp, they’ll learn how to handle personal data with the appropriate care and awareness.

✔ Low drop-out rate thanks to storytelling

We tell an engaging story that makes the theoretical content easy to follow. This strategy keeps your end users motivated.

✔ Learning platform of your choice

We work platform-independently. The choice is yours: your end users can follow the e-learning on the NEO Academy Platform or you can implement the e-learning as a SCORM package into your own LMS.

✔ Multilingual availability

Dutch, French or English? Our e-learning is available in these three languages by default. You don’t need to request additional licences for each language. 

✔ Mobile working

Our online e-learning is fully responsive: your co-workers can learn wherever and whenever they want, using their preferred device. 

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The e-learning teaches your colleagues all about:

  • Data processing: the basics
  • Privacy in popular work applications
  • Protection of personal data
  • Roles and responsibilities: who does what?

NEO as your e-learning partner: your key to tailor-made experience and remote training

✔ No security material is too dry for us

Do your colleagues find the GDPR regulations hard to chew? They’re right - simply studying theory is often insufficient to understand them properly. We present easy-to-digest exercises that help your users change their behaviour.

✔ Navigation becomes a walk in the park

Your end users can easily navigate their way through our short, interactive course.

✔ Time is money

We go for quick and efficient results. On average, it takes 30 minutes to complete our e-learning. Thanks to the intuitive navigation on any device, your colleagues will easily pick up on the training.

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