Digital Wellbeing

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Do your colleagues keep a cool head when faced with the overwhelming offer of digital tools – or do they lose focus, suffer from stress and have trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Create a stimulating environment for your colleagues and minimise the risk of:

  • Absenteeism due to illness
  • Inefficient time management
  • Decreased productivity

5 reasons to go for our e-learning

✔ Realistic learning situations with storytelling

We’ll let your end users step into realistic work scenarios. As employees of a fictional company, they’ll need to find ways to improve their colleagues’ digital well-being.

✔ Downloadable tips & tricks

One-way communication? That’s not how we do things. We don’t bombard your end users with boring theoretic units; instead, we engage them with interactive tasks and tips & tricks from the start.

✔ Learning platform of your choice

We work platform-independently. The choice is yours: your end users can follow the e-learning on the NEO Academy Platform or you can implement the e-learning as a SCORM package into your own LMS.

✔ Multilingual availability

Dutch or French? This training can be started immediately and is available in two languages.

✔ Mobile learning

Our online e-learning is fully responsive: your co-workers can learn wherever and whenever they want, using their preferred device.

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The e-learning teaches your colleagues all about: 

  • Realistic planning
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Working efficiently
  • Ending their workday on time
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule

NEO as your e-learning partner: your key to tailor-made experience and remote training

✔ Pragmatic

Your colleagues can directly apply our e-learning to their daily work routine. The result? Small and large tasks are finished on time, your colleagues feel more relaxed and their stress level goes down. 

✔ UX to your taste

We don’t offer boring click-through courses. Our trainings are functionally and intuitively designed to help your colleagues complete the tasks with ease.

✔ Time is money

We go for quick and efficient results. On average, it takes 25 minutes to complete our e-learning thanks to the intuitive navigation that guides your colleagues through the training.

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